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The Anime Glasses Wiki is dedicated to cataloguing appearances of eyeglasses in anime.

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Featured Glasses

Gendo's broken glasses are a pair of muted gold, square-framed, top-rimmed glasses with corrective lenses. They are mainly worn by Ikari Gendo in Neon Genesis Evangelion.

This pair of glasses is notably broken during a flashback in Episode 5 of the TV series where Gendo saves Rei from her overheating entry plug.

Featured Meta

Temple Removal is a common technique used by animators when drawing glasses viewed from the side. In order to show a character's entire eye, part of the glasses' temples (the parts that go over the ears), hinges, or end pieces are not drawn, even though they would normally obstruct the eye.


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The main sorting mechanism of this wiki is a group of categories called style descriptors. Each of these categories is used to describe a certain aspect of a pair of glasses, namely lens shape, lens type, and rim coverage. There is also a category for "special styles", which contains certain common or interesting combinations of other descriptors.